Monday, June 18, 2012

Christian Dior Resort 2013 Review

Dior- June 17

I'm sad to say that a lot of this collection was very lackluster. The beginning was boring and has been done before countless Dior. Get original here.
There were some very good pieces, though. The collection significantly improved with the introduction of pattern and light, bright fabrics. Stay away from black if you're going to be so morose, Mr. Simmons.
All in all, the collection gets a D+ from me; not a total failure, but not cohesive and very drab.
What is this? It's a nice coat, yes, but the styling is so uninspired and it looks like Raf Simmons hasn't quite caught up with fashion yet.

This is one of the better pieces. The dress is light, yet still structured. The dainty floral gives it innocence and the stripe lends a quirky factor.

This jacket would've been much better in a wool and in a color that didn't resemble feces as much (ouch). Sorry!

Light, yet structured. Back cutout is flirty, but not sexy, as the skirt is just below knee length. Keeping it fun!

I like a white suit, but this shape is all wrong. A slimmer fitting pant and a longer jacket would've been divine.

This is the first piece that I really loved. It's fluffy skirt makes it cute and the low scoop neck offers a sexy sophistication. I can just picture myself strolling through beachfront shops with a floppy hat and big sunglasses.

Same idea as before, but this hat and loose pullover sweater and a relaxed vibe to this ensemble.

I appreciate the idea, but the execution is less than flattering. The top portion of the dress is far too severe. It could have been improved by widening it to sit on the outsides of the shoulders.

I saw this and I almost cried with how perfect it was. It doesn't fit in very well with the rest of the collection, but, in itself, is beautiful. The way the peplum on the jacket skims over the top of the sheer tea length tulle skirt blows my mind. And, I have what seems to be a fetish for entirely red outfits. Go Dior.

Omit this shapeless burrito wrapper sack dress and move that red beauty to the end of the collection and the wow factor Simons wanted for the finale would have been there. This dress made me giggle. I think I saw a girl at my prom wearing something similar, and she bought it at a prom store. Not the best looking formal wear.

Alright, Mr. Simmons, I hope you had fun with your trial period. Time to get your s*** together and make magic.

Now I will stop being rude to respected designers (I love Jil Sander, maybe this was just a fluke and he needs to get back into his groove), and ignore the sleeping pill I took and review one more show.

I'm so tired my eyes won't stay open anymore. See you tomorrow. Cheers.

So, I just spoke with one of my very fashion forward friends, and this is the last collection before Raf Simons took over... oops.

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