Friday, July 6, 2012

Peter Jenson Resort 2013

Peter Jenson- June 17

This collection is very Mad Men esque, and though I no longer watch the show, I can appreciate the 60's Jackie Kennedy vibe the designer was going for. The worst that can be said of this collection is that it's been done before... back in the 60's. The only new spin I see is the rounded cut out slits on the skirts.

Overall, C-.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, some people say to me you're too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that.

   The title of this post is a Karl Lagerfeld quote. He is too funny. You know, in a bit of a rude way.
   I'm currently visiting my lovely best friend, Damian, in Jupiter, Florida. Today was such a wonderful day: it was cloudy and windy and not too hot (although the wind did make me take my yoga inside). Together, we drove to the Goodwill near his house. I purchased two scarves that I cannot fathom why someone would give away (but am entirely grateful they did, one was a chain print which brings to mind Cavalli), a plaid leather backpack, and a loose-fitted creme button down Liz Claiborne shirt (I cannot wait to wear it over a pencil skirt with that new scarf). There was a very nice looking boy at the store, which is a rarity. He left before I had the chance to shamelessly flirt with him. I almost cried. Not really. And, then there was the Coach bag at the register for $45. It was brand new. I'm going back tomorrow to purchase it as a belated birthday present for my mother, who has always wanted Coach, but has never had the funds. 
   Anyway, we were supposed to spend time with another friend of ours today, but she couldn't make it, so we took photos of what we wore today. We had to walk a long way to get to this grassland, but I think it was worth it. We only got rained on a bit as we walked back to his house. Tropical storms mean nothing to us. And it really hit the Gulf coast, so we only got the dregs of a storm.
   For the past three hours, we have been sitting on the internet, editing pictures (though, I'm pretty sure I didn't edit any of these), going on Tumblr, and doing pointless things in general. Completely ignoring each other. My generation is quite amusing.

bustier, forever 21; skirt, thrifted; sandals and necklace, target

The resort collections that came out today (well, yesterday; time flies when you're blogging) are exciting, so I'll post about those tomorrow. Christopher Kane's use of pleating made me salivate. It also made me a bit upset, as whenever I'm shopping with friends, they won't let me buy anything with pleating on on certain parts of the skirt. Guess who's in style now?
Christopher Kane Resort 2013
Oh, yes.
I'll write again tomorrow, depending on the activity of my social life.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Christian Dior Resort 2013 Review

Dior- June 17

I'm sad to say that a lot of this collection was very lackluster. The beginning was boring and has been done before countless Dior. Get original here.
There were some very good pieces, though. The collection significantly improved with the introduction of pattern and light, bright fabrics. Stay away from black if you're going to be so morose, Mr. Simmons.
All in all, the collection gets a D+ from me; not a total failure, but not cohesive and very drab.
What is this? It's a nice coat, yes, but the styling is so uninspired and it looks like Raf Simmons hasn't quite caught up with fashion yet.

This is one of the better pieces. The dress is light, yet still structured. The dainty floral gives it innocence and the stripe lends a quirky factor.

This jacket would've been much better in a wool and in a color that didn't resemble feces as much (ouch). Sorry!

Light, yet structured. Back cutout is flirty, but not sexy, as the skirt is just below knee length. Keeping it fun!

I like a white suit, but this shape is all wrong. A slimmer fitting pant and a longer jacket would've been divine.

This is the first piece that I really loved. It's fluffy skirt makes it cute and the low scoop neck offers a sexy sophistication. I can just picture myself strolling through beachfront shops with a floppy hat and big sunglasses.

Same idea as before, but this hat and loose pullover sweater and a relaxed vibe to this ensemble.

I appreciate the idea, but the execution is less than flattering. The top portion of the dress is far too severe. It could have been improved by widening it to sit on the outsides of the shoulders.

I saw this and I almost cried with how perfect it was. It doesn't fit in very well with the rest of the collection, but, in itself, is beautiful. The way the peplum on the jacket skims over the top of the sheer tea length tulle skirt blows my mind. And, I have what seems to be a fetish for entirely red outfits. Go Dior.

Omit this shapeless burrito wrapper sack dress and move that red beauty to the end of the collection and the wow factor Simons wanted for the finale would have been there. This dress made me giggle. I think I saw a girl at my prom wearing something similar, and she bought it at a prom store. Not the best looking formal wear.

Alright, Mr. Simmons, I hope you had fun with your trial period. Time to get your s*** together and make magic.

Now I will stop being rude to respected designers (I love Jil Sander, maybe this was just a fluke and he needs to get back into his groove), and ignore the sleeping pill I took and review one more show.

I'm so tired my eyes won't stay open anymore. See you tomorrow. Cheers.

So, I just spoke with one of my very fashion forward friends, and this is the last collection before Raf Simons took over... oops.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alice + Olivia Resort 2013 Review

Alice + Olivia  (June 17)

This season is all about washed out neons, black and white, and simple shapes. Alice + Olivia is generally  very wearable and flirty brand and this collection is no different. There are some hits and misses, but overall, I give this collection a B-. Good work, Stacey Bendet. 

This simple cap sleeve black top and patterned high waisted skirt are a good start, but, if anything, are a bit too simple.

This look is where it started to get good. Washed out neon skinny jeans paired with a striped tee, a slim fitting black and white patterned collarless blazer, slick pointed black heels, and large modern sunglasses. It has a very appealing cool factor to it.

These cropped light green pants offer a fun pairing to this tuxedo cut blazer.

This is my favoorite dress from this collection. The light coral of this draped, sophisticated dress is made funky and young with the inclusion of the chunky orange beads and spiked black platform pumps.

This is one of the pieces I didn't like. A white dress with black side panels has been done so many times, you can buy it at Forever 21 come prom-time. Not to mention this one makes this very thin model appear wide. 

I love this this dress. Hot, yet mature, this mini dress and matching blazer are showstoppers. 

I have mixed feelings about these. The one on the left is not the most flattering piece, though I appreciate that it is meant to be beachwear. The coverup on the right is sheer and fun, and both pairs of sandals are good basics. 

This one was the biggest WTF in this collection. Ditch the jacket. It's voluminous, and not in a good way. Also, it is made of a fabric that resembles the couch my parents had back in the 90's.

This dress was a bit unrelated to the collection, but the fabric is attractive and tropical and the shape is simple enough to be a vacation basic.

Best seperates look and the conclusion of the collection. Starting from the top, the modern and cool plastic frame big sunglasses. This jacket is the biggest winner of the outfit; it's black and white leather is very chic, even if I feel sill using that word. The acid green paperbag shorts add interest to an already invigorating outfit, and we must appreciate these platform black minimalist sandals. Or I could just be really excited about them because I've been looking for some for quite some time and here they are.

Anyway, this is a very wearable and successful collection. Will you be buying any, or will it just be me in a years' time refreshing the clearance page?


Friday, June 15, 2012

Celine Resort 2013

Hello, I'm Katie and this is my first post on Fashion Playground.
   The resort collections are out, and, out of the ones I have looked at so far (I go in alphabetical order, forgive me), Celine is one of my favorites. The bold colors, clean lines, and texture pairings come together to form a very modern look that is oh so Celine in this very cohesive collection. Below, I have some of my favorites.

The brocade panels on this navy coat add depth to this minimalist outfit. The collarless white shirt does not distract from this divine color blocked pant. The ridiculous length makes it stand apart from others and makes me fantasize about trousers that would actually cover my legs.
The loose, slightly transparent collared shirt is a good complement to these slim fitting straight legged trousers. Also, this collections clutches I find to be a bit amusing. Clutches are generally small bags used for evening wear, but these clutches a large carry all bags that substitute very well for the typical daytime satchel.
All red outfits excite me. I like the pairing of the flowy draped blouse with the pinstriped business wear pant. Also, this clutch being two toned keeps everything from being too overwhelming.
Well fitted white suit. Orange stripe resembling activewear on a miles long pant. All tied together with an orange and white striped silk scarf. I would offer commentary, but is it really necessary? This is beautiful.
The awkward length of this blazer does interesting things to the shape of this ensemble. The tight around the neck scarf is the perfect modernizer for what could have been an old looking outfit. 

Overall, this collection is a success and an outfit inspiration for myself.
I'll update later with the outfit I came up with.