Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alice + Olivia Resort 2013 Review

Alice + Olivia  (June 17)

This season is all about washed out neons, black and white, and simple shapes. Alice + Olivia is generally  very wearable and flirty brand and this collection is no different. There are some hits and misses, but overall, I give this collection a B-. Good work, Stacey Bendet. 

This simple cap sleeve black top and patterned high waisted skirt are a good start, but, if anything, are a bit too simple.

This look is where it started to get good. Washed out neon skinny jeans paired with a striped tee, a slim fitting black and white patterned collarless blazer, slick pointed black heels, and large modern sunglasses. It has a very appealing cool factor to it.

These cropped light green pants offer a fun pairing to this tuxedo cut blazer.

This is my favoorite dress from this collection. The light coral of this draped, sophisticated dress is made funky and young with the inclusion of the chunky orange beads and spiked black platform pumps.

This is one of the pieces I didn't like. A white dress with black side panels has been done so many times, you can buy it at Forever 21 come prom-time. Not to mention this one makes this very thin model appear wide. 

I love this this dress. Hot, yet mature, this mini dress and matching blazer are showstoppers. 

I have mixed feelings about these. The one on the left is not the most flattering piece, though I appreciate that it is meant to be beachwear. The coverup on the right is sheer and fun, and both pairs of sandals are good basics. 

This one was the biggest WTF in this collection. Ditch the jacket. It's voluminous, and not in a good way. Also, it is made of a fabric that resembles the couch my parents had back in the 90's.

This dress was a bit unrelated to the collection, but the fabric is attractive and tropical and the shape is simple enough to be a vacation basic.

Best seperates look and the conclusion of the collection. Starting from the top, the modern and cool plastic frame big sunglasses. This jacket is the biggest winner of the outfit; it's black and white leather is very chic, even if I feel sill using that word. The acid green paperbag shorts add interest to an already invigorating outfit, and we must appreciate these platform black minimalist sandals. Or I could just be really excited about them because I've been looking for some for quite some time and here they are.

Anyway, this is a very wearable and successful collection. Will you be buying any, or will it just be me in a years' time refreshing the clearance page?


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