Friday, June 15, 2012

Celine Resort 2013

Hello, I'm Katie and this is my first post on Fashion Playground.
   The resort collections are out, and, out of the ones I have looked at so far (I go in alphabetical order, forgive me), Celine is one of my favorites. The bold colors, clean lines, and texture pairings come together to form a very modern look that is oh so Celine in this very cohesive collection. Below, I have some of my favorites.

The brocade panels on this navy coat add depth to this minimalist outfit. The collarless white shirt does not distract from this divine color blocked pant. The ridiculous length makes it stand apart from others and makes me fantasize about trousers that would actually cover my legs.
The loose, slightly transparent collared shirt is a good complement to these slim fitting straight legged trousers. Also, this collections clutches I find to be a bit amusing. Clutches are generally small bags used for evening wear, but these clutches a large carry all bags that substitute very well for the typical daytime satchel.
All red outfits excite me. I like the pairing of the flowy draped blouse with the pinstriped business wear pant. Also, this clutch being two toned keeps everything from being too overwhelming.
Well fitted white suit. Orange stripe resembling activewear on a miles long pant. All tied together with an orange and white striped silk scarf. I would offer commentary, but is it really necessary? This is beautiful.
The awkward length of this blazer does interesting things to the shape of this ensemble. The tight around the neck scarf is the perfect modernizer for what could have been an old looking outfit. 

Overall, this collection is a success and an outfit inspiration for myself.
I'll update later with the outfit I came up with.

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